Below is the regular monthly pattern of worship for our group of churches. There are occasional changes to this pattern, for example on Easter Sunday.

At Downham, in order to maintain social distancing we have to restrict the number of people attending.  To book a place please call Mike Roome on 07770 795388 or email by 5.00pm on the previous Friday.

Click here to see a calendar showing services and other events in all our churches.

At most of our services we use the modern Common Worship format, the exceptions are those marked BCP, which use the traditional Book of Common Prayer. The Family Service at each church is an informal, non-Communion service in modern language which we hope will be helpful to families with young children or people who are new to church attendance. While the COVID-19 restrictions are in place, it is not practical to hold a Family Service at Downham, but we plan to resume as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Date St Margaret, Downham St Peter, South Hanningfield St Mary, Ramsden Bellhouse
1st Sunday 11:00 Holy Communion 10:00 Holy Communion 18:30 Evening Prayer
(15:00 during winter months)
2nd Sunday 11:00 Holy Communion 18:30 Evening Prayer BCP
(15:00 during winter months)
09:30 Holy Communion
3rd Sunday 11:00 Holy Communion 10:00 Family Service 18:30 Holy Communion
(15:00 during winter months)
4th Sunday 11:00 Holy Communion 09:00 Holy Communion BCP 10:30 Family Service
5th Sunday When there is a 5th Sunday in the month, the parishes normally take it in turns to host a joint service of Holy Communion at 10:00 or 11:00. However, while Covid-19 restrictions last, the churches hold individual services, at times yet to be decided. Please check the calendar for any particular 5th Sunday, nearer the time.